Our Promise

We offer complete services to our clients. It all starts with communication. If you reach out to us, you can expect prompt, professional, friendly and informative responses.  When you decide to move ahead, we provide design professionals who can take your vision, apply our experience and talent and work with you to create your unique functional and eye-catching finished product. We build both wood and metal products which range in size and complexity from three foot basic push carts up to full scale outdoor fully enclosed commercial kitchens. Our products are the highest quality in the industry – we build them to last – and are both NSF and UL certified as applicable. Finally, we will deliver and provide installation expertise and assistance to get you up and running as soon as possible. 

Our commitment is to focus on you – your ideas, your needs, your timetable and your budget. The proof of the excellence of our process is our forty years in this business and our client list. For more information on how this works, we invite you to review our V2R (Vision to Reality) section. To see the other clients who have chosen us, and continue to choose us, please review Our Clients. We look forward to working with you.

Cart, Kiosk, RMU - What's the Difference?

This is how The Carriage Works looks at these three different units.

A cart is a single unit that can be used for food or retail products.  Often the customer is on one side of the cart and the operator is on the other.  If it is a push cart, your customers can shop from three sides; the fourth side is where the push bar and POS station are located.

A kiosk is a unit the operator is most often inside of while the customers are on the outside.  It can be for retail or food service.  In outdoor units, there are normally service and delivery windows on only one side of the unit.   We have built outdoor units to handle the snow load at Lake Tahoe and the winds coming off the Pacific Ocean in San Diego.

RMU’s (retail merchandising units) are what you see in the middle of a shopping mall.  These units can be built for indoors or outdoors.  Often these units all match and are leased to local small businesses.