At The Carriage Works no project is too small or too big.  Our skilled craftsmen take as much pride in building a 3 foot push cart as they do a 15′ x 20′ outdoor kiosk. 

Everything we build is custom to your specifications. 


When deciding on what type of unit you need, one of the first questions we ask is if it will be used indoors, outdoors or both. A project that is only used indoors will have different finish options than one that is used outdoors. We will design your unit to meet your needs and budget.

Design & Fabrication

Our design team is the first stop in your project.  Based on your needs and budget, we will design your cart, kiosk, or RMU to fit your needs.  

Once we have the design approved by you, your next step is getting local approvals.  You might need landlord approval, building department approval, and, if it’s a food cart/kiosk, health department approval.  We have experience in all of these areas and will provide a complete drawing package for submission.


Regardless if your unit will be used indoors or outdoors, we build all of our units to stand the test of time and use.  We take pride in the design, fabrication and delivery of each and every unit that leaves our shop.

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