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Dark Day? An Eclipse Love Story

Back in his early adulthood, Glen Hickman, a carpenter at The Carriage Works, married and, later, divorced.  Divorce is difficult in general and this one certainly was.   Glen vowed it would be a dark day before he married again.  Awhile later he met Sallie, the lady of his dreams.  He was upfront with her about his feelings on marriage, “It will be a dark day before I marry again, Sallie.  If that doesn’t sit well with you, then you should move on.”  Apparently, Sallie was taken enough with Glen that she decided against moving on and a great 20-year relationship began.   One that is also blessed with a son, Talon, now sixteen.

Throughout the years, their running joke was that it would be a dark day before they married.  Earlier this year, Sallie and Glen’s mother were talking about this and realized a total eclipse of the sun was coming.  Truly a dark day.  Hmmm.  They plotted and schemed and soon convinced Glen, who quickly recognized that if the people you love are aligned with the universe, it is time to get on board.    Glen and Sallie will happily marry, in the path of total darkness, during the eclipse on August 21st. Well, not quite in total darkness, they will marry outside of Estacada.  “It’s only 99.9%” Glen said with a smile, “I guess that is dark enough for me”.

It will certainly be a dark day, but this is a pretty bright love story. 

It’s magical. 

Even “eclipsical”.

Congratulations, Glen and Sallie!

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Two Years

And counting.  But a two-year anniversary is a good time to sit back and take stock.  It has been two years since Debbie and I bought The Carriage Works.  So what have we done over these past two years? 

First and foremost, we have re-invigorated a great brand through a more aggressive outreach program.  We have maintained our client base but also added many new clients.  Recently, we have re-established our firm with former clients as well. 

We have focused on raising our profile.  We have attended many trade shows over the past two years – even building three half-scale merchandising units and one full size food service cart system to take along to display our design and fabrication skills.

We have added new products.  We have built several food trailers in the past two years and expect several more in the near future.  We have designed sleek, modern, virtually all glass and metal kiosks as well as traditional wooden kiosks ranging up to 28 feet long.

We have redesigned our website so it better reflects who we are and provides a better introduction to potential clients.  And we have added many new clients who found us exclusively through that website.

Additionally, we are just completing our move to our new facility.  A facility that will double our effective capacity just as all the other moves above are starting to create the need for that capacity.

All in all, an eventful and successful two years.  Most importantly, throughout these changes, we have maintained our primary focus on producing a high quality product with high quality service for our clients.  This core principle is what makes this company successful and its daily implementation is a testimony to the great people we have on our team.

So as we move forward as a team, we will embrace change but never forget that guiding principal – quality, it never goes out of style.

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Takin’ Off at ARN

The Carriage Works representatives have returned! Just this past week TCW sent Lori Butler, VP of Sales, and Brian Dunham, President & CEO, to attend the Airport Revenue News (ARN) Revenue Convention in New Orleans.  This unique event combines educational sessions, an exhibit hall and networking events.  It is, according to ARN, “where the airport concessions industry gathers to learn about the latest trends, network with decision-makers, and experience an exhibit hall featuring established and emerging brands and concepts.”  TCW was honored to co-exhibit with Dunkin’ Brands, one of our great clients, as they served coffee and donuts to the attendees from a cart system TCW built specifically for this convention.

Luckily, The Carriage Works’-Dunkin’ Donuts cart had a prime location right inside the main entrance.  It was the first thing attendees saw when walking in the door. It was many attendees’ first stop in the morning with a lot of repeat business throughout the day.  Our Dunkin’ friends’ objective was for everyone to have a “grand Dunkin’ experience”. Their welcoming, friendly style, combined with a great looking cart, rich coffee, tasty donuts and the perfect location certainly accomplished this. 

The Carriage Works’ objectives were to show off our work and raise our profile.  This objective was not only met, it was exceeded.  In addition to talking about The Carriage Works to people coming up to check out the cart, our team also got to meet with some current clients, re-engage with past clients and introduce ourselves to some future clients!  In fact, the highlight of the trip for Lori was to be able to meet clients face-to-face, some for the first time. At The Carriage Works, we don’t always get to meet our clients in-person, so it was a special opportunity for Lori to match faces with names. In some cases, we had worked with clients for five years and just last week met for the first time!

On a personal note from Lori, “While the conference kept us busy during the day we did find some time to explore New Orleans. The historic French Quarter is home to the 175-year-old, 14-room Antoine’s restaurant, where the TCW and Dunkin’ teams ate dinner one night during the event.” We are glad it wasn’t all work!

All in all, this was a very successful trip.  Not surprisingly, there is a lot of activity around airports and The Carriage Works looks forward to continuing to be a part of it.

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Countdown to ARN Revenue Conference & Exhibition

The Carriage Works is only one week away from attending the ARN Revenue Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans! President & CEO, Brian Dunham, along with VP of Sales & Marketing, Lori Butler, will be attending the conference. For the first time ever, The Carriage Works is partnering with longtime client, Dunkin’ Brands, to co-exhibit a special cart that will be on display at the exhibition.

As mentioned in a previous post, there will be several notable exhibitors including (but not limited to):

Chick Fil A
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Dunkin’ Brands
Einstein Bros
Firehouse Subs
InMotion Entertainment Group
Jack in the Box/Qdoba
Jamba Juice
Jersey Mike’s Subs
Peet’s Coffee
Pizza Hut
See’s Candies
Sonic Drive-In

The Carriage Works is excited to meet attendees and fellow exhibitors. Please stop by booth #913 to say hello! Alternatively, we would love to set up a personal one-on-one meeting, schedule a time by contacting Lori Butler, VP of Sales & Marketing, at 541-882-0700 or

We hope to see you there!

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The Carriage Works’ Move – An Update

The Carriage Works hit the ground running at the start of the new year! In TCW’s previous post about the big move, several elements were hinted at, including getting our big machinery moved and renovations done to move into the new space by March. Luckily, everything seems to be nearly on schedule! The past few months everyone at The Carriage Works has been working extremely hard to get the new building ready to go.

As seen by the pictures, a lot of progress has been made.  The shop walls are up and nearly finished for all our various stages of production including: paint booth, drying room, metal shop and wood shop.  The powder-coater will be installed on the far opposite corner of the building.  Having double the space all under one roof is a dream come true for the staff at TCW. 

In addition to the shop room floor, the office space is cleared and awaiting new 

carpet and the phone/data lines are ready to be turned on. As mentioned earlier, the process of moving is being done mainly “in-house” and that isn’t limited to just moving items from Point A to Point B. Even the renovations to the office space are being carried out by The Carriage Works’ wood shop! Our awesome team is building the partitions for the Sales Department’s offices in the large center space.  

Instead of ordering fabric-covered cubicle walls, we thought, why not have our team build us walls out of the materials we use every day?

As you can see by the frames (above), they
 will be beautiful when completed.