Two Years

And counting.  But a two-year anniversary is a good time to sit back and take stock.  It has been two years since Debbie and I bought The Carriage Works.  So what have we done over these past two years? 

First and foremost, we have re-invigorated a great brand through a more aggressive outreach program.  We have maintained our client base but also added many new clients.  Recently, we have re-established our firm with former clients as well. 

We have focused on raising our profile.  We have attended many trade shows over the past two years – even building three half-scale merchandising units and one full size food service cart system to take along to display our design and fabrication skills.

We have added new products.  We have built several food trailers in the past two years and expect several more in the near future.  We have designed sleek, modern, virtually all glass and metal kiosks as well as traditional wooden kiosks ranging up to 28 feet long.

We have redesigned our website so it better reflects who we are and provides a better introduction to potential clients.  And we have added many new clients who found us exclusively through that website.

Additionally, we are just completing our move to our new facility.  A facility that will double our effective capacity just as all the other moves above are starting to create the need for that capacity.

All in all, an eventful and successful two years.  Most importantly, throughout these changes, we have maintained our primary focus on producing a high quality product with high quality service for our clients.  This core principle is what makes this company successful and its daily implementation is a testimony to the great people we have on our team.

So as we move forward as a team, we will embrace change but never forget that guiding principal – quality, it never goes out of style.

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