Dark Day? An Eclipse Love Story

Back in his early adulthood, Glen Hickman, a carpenter at The Carriage Works, married and, later, divorced.  Divorce is difficult in general and this one certainly was.   Glen vowed it would be a dark day before he married again.  Awhile later he met Sallie, the lady of his dreams.  He was upfront with her about his feelings on marriage, “It will be a dark day before I marry again, Sallie.  If that doesn’t sit well with you, then you should move on.”  Apparently, Sallie was taken enough with Glen that she decided against moving on and a great 20-year relationship began.   One that is also blessed with a son, Talon, now sixteen.

Throughout the years, their running joke was that it would be a dark day before they married.  Earlier this year, Sallie and Glen’s mother were talking about this and realized a total eclipse of the sun was coming.  Truly a dark day.  Hmmm.  They plotted and schemed and soon convinced Glen, who quickly recognized that if the people you love are aligned with the universe, it is time to get on board.    Glen and Sallie will happily marry, in the path of total darkness, during the eclipse on August 21st. Well, not quite in total darkness, they will marry outside of Estacada.  “It’s only 99.9%” Glen said with a smile, “I guess that is dark enough for me”.

It will certainly be a dark day, but this is a pretty bright love story. 

It’s magical. 

Even “eclipsical”.

Congratulations, Glen and Sallie!

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