Happy New Year – We’re Back!

Happy New Year! And welcome back! After a brief hiatus, the blog is back and we have hit the reset button.

The Carriage Works is starting out the New Year with fresh, new content! We are committed to keeping all of you apprised of our travels and honoring our staff with The Employee Spotlight.  We also want to educate and inform.

Our new content will feature periodic Frequently Asked Questions focused around a particular facet of our business whether it be design, fabrication or sales! Our team is dedicated to informing our clients about our process to aide in their decision-making processes.  No, we won’t give you the ingredients to our secret sauce… but if you want to know typical lead times on a design pack or the difference between a cart, kiosk, or RMU – you’re in the right place!

The beginning of a new year often brings thoughts of resolutions – things we will and won’t do in the future, goals to be set and accomplished, and thoughts about the future.  Before all that, we want to take the beginning of 2018 to reflect on the great year we had in 2017.

What did we do?

  • The Carriage Works attended or exhibited at 12 different trade shows or conventions
  • Acquired and moved into our great, new facility
  • Formed many new partnerships with great clients and vendors
  • Added a few new members to the team
  • Celebrated one retirement – thank you to Peggy for all her hard work! Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it! (by the way, she is also coming in part time!)
  • Shipped to over 25 states and several countries outside the US and 33 new locations (but still nothing to North Dakota!)
  • Created new and refreshing designs including our first “fire hydrant” kiosk – picture coming soon!
  • Began work on some very exciting projects that we’re looking forward to sharing with you in the coming year.

2017 was a great one, let’s make 2018 even better!

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