The Carriage Works’ Move – An Update

The Carriage Works hit the ground running at the start of the new year! In TCW’s previous post about the big move, several elements were hinted at, including getting our big machinery moved and renovations done to move into the new space by March. Luckily, everything seems to be nearly on schedule! The past few months everyone at The Carriage Works has been working extremely hard to get the new building ready to go.

As seen by the pictures, a lot of progress has been made.  The shop walls are up and nearly finished for all our various stages of production including: paint booth, drying room, metal shop and wood shop.  The powder-coater will be installed on the far opposite corner of the building.  Having double the space all under one roof is a dream come true for the staff at TCW. 

In addition to the shop room floor, the office space is cleared and awaiting new 

carpet and the phone/data lines are ready to be turned on. As mentioned earlier, the process of moving is being done mainly “in-house” and that isn’t limited to just moving items from Point A to Point B. Even the renovations to the office space are being carried out by The Carriage Works’ wood shop! Our awesome team is building the partitions for the Sales Department’s offices in the large center space.  

Instead of ordering fabric-covered cubicle walls, we thought, why not have our team build us walls out of the materials we use every day?

As you can see by the frames (above), they
 will be beautiful when completed.  

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