Going Back to Our Roots

The Carriage Works’ owners, Brian and Debbie Dunham, named their home Toad Hall after Mr. Toad’s home in The Wind in the Willows (a childhood favorite of Brian’s).  As in the book, they believe their house to be the “Finest house on the whole river!” or at least “not such a very bad house” as Mr. Toad said in a less boisterous moment.  The house is decorated with a variety of items that harken back to the book, but it was always missing one thing.  If you know the book, or the movie, or the ride at Disneyland, you know that a key part of the story is – the motor-car.

The Carriage Works began with the former owners building carriages.  Going back to those original roots, Brian and Debbie asked the talented crew at The Carriage Works to build their Toad Hall a motor-car, based on a 1903 Cadillac, that is similar to the one driven by Mr. Toad in The Wind in the Willows and was memorialized in the original ride at Disneyland.  Take a look at the photo and see how they did.

This motor-car won’t be participating in any road races, though.  While the wheels do move, the motor part of “motor car” is missing.  This motor car is simply for Brian and Debbie’s (and their grandsons’) enjoyment.

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